Rules & Petiquette

Brackenbush Unleashed is open during daylight hours, 7 days a week.

Brackenbush Unleashed is CLOSED on days of Total Fire Ban

Please note: The property of Brackenbush is the home of Brackenbush Unleashed Dog Park, entering the property and use of Brackenbush Unleashed dog park is at your own risk. You are always legally responsible for your dog/s – whether on or off leash as is stated in the Domestic Animals Act 1994.

In the interest of keeping this park FREE to the public and an ongoing asset to the community, the following rules apply:

Park Petiquette

NOTE: You may need to scroll the table below left/right for more information



Remove leash and corrective devices within off-leash area

Be ready to have fun with your people and other dogs!

Carry your leashes with you

Be up to date with vaccines, worming and tick protection

Close gates

Remember your manners:

  • Jumping on people is rude
  • Mounting other dogs is rude

Actively supervise your dog at all times

Age guidelines:

  • Stay home until you are at least 12 weeks old
  • Use the Nervous Nellie area until you are at least 6 months old

Children 12 and under must be supervised - please remember not all dogs here are used to children running and playing.

Please stay home if you aren’t feeling well.

Clean up after your dog using the provided compost stations:

  • Do NOT use plastic bags
  • Scoopers are provided for your convenience.

Entire females - please stay home while you are on heat.

Have fun with your canine friends!

Aggressive dogs - sorry, please stay home.

(If you are just a bit nervous and promise not to jump the fence, why don’t you check out the Nervous Nellie area?)

Prohibited Items

  • Treats, Toys and Food (some of us aren’t good at sharing!)
  • Glass containers, Alcohol, Smoking
  • Aggressive dogs
  • Please do not smoke within the park due to bushfire risks.

Emergency Information:

  • 000 for Police, Ambulance and Fire

Local Veterinary Clinics:

  • Lakes Entrance Animal Hospital - 5155 2077
  • Lakes Veterinary Clinic - 5155 3599
  • Main Street Veterinary Clinic - 5152 6666
  • Bairnsdale Animal Hospital (now Eastwood Vets) - 5152 4152
  • Snowy River Vet Clinic - 5154 2387